CIIC 4030-ICOM 4036: Programming Languages - Spring 2019


Dr. Wilson Rivera
Office Hours: W; 7:30am-12:00pm; S-411 
Lecture Hours: T,Th 3:30pm-4:45pm, S-228

Course Information




Class Projects (Fall 2015)

  • Zapdos: A Language for Circuit Simulations
  • SapphireSQL: Automatizing database query testing
  • GRAC: A programming language for machine learning
  • PLA: A Programming Language for Lineal Algebra
  • PSL: Polynomial Solver Language
  • TEA: A Programming Language for Command Terminals
  • PieL: A language for Spanish speakers
  • CamLang: A language for Security Camera Systems

Class Projects (Spring 2016)

  • PhysP:A Language for simple physics kinematic problems
  • EnrollMe:A language to enable automated UPRM Enrollment Process
  • Flow++: A language to create flowcharts
  • Quick Doc Filler (QDF:A language for human resource document management
  • QuickVU:A Language for web interfacing
  • ezHTML: A language for web programming
  • IMAGI:A Child Friendly Programming language
  • PLDC:A Polynomial Laplace Dominion Converter
  • iziTag:A language for web programming
  • Animate:A Programming Language for animation
  • LogicsAI:A Language for Human Computer Interaction
  • Candor:A simple language for new programmers

Class Projects (Fall 2016)

Class Projects (Spring 2017)

Class Projects (Fall 2017)

Class Projects (Spring 2018)

  • BRICK: A Programming Language for Blockchain implementation
  • PAL: A Programming Language for Animations
  • JARVIS: A Programming language for BOTs
  • LightUp: A Programming Language for LED Animations
  • SIP: Simple Image Processing
  • Logically: A programming language for Boolean logic
  • Master King Calculation: A language for MathML simplification
  • PUZZOLVE: An Educational Programming Language
  • PML: A programming language for Project Management
  • GODA: Generic Objective Data Administrator
  • LCL: Logical Circuits Language
  • LanPlot: A Language for Plotting Charts
  • Card++: A Language for developing card games

Class Projects (Fall 2018)

  • ANCLA Automatic Net Content Language Analysis
  • BEAR A Programming Language for Social Network Analysis
  • ROS_Plastron A Language to simplify some aspects of ROS
  • NatAlert A Programming Language for the development of Notification applications
  • DeepL Deep Learning Language for the Complete Novice
  • Mapinator A Map Creation language
  • P++ A Programming Language for Computational Thinking
  • PySharp A programming Language for musical scales
  • MyTag A PL for Editing Metadata
  • PuppetScript A Scripting Language for Unity
  • ERMaker A PL for Entity Relationship diagrams
  • P2D A PL to create simple 2D video games
  • PCS Personal Cashier System

Class Projects (Spring 2019)