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Over the years, with the aid of several generous companies and the support from the UPRM, I have had the opportunity  of developing or significantly improving several  facilities used for teaching and/or research activities in the ECE Department. These include the following laboratories:

The MIL provides infrastructure to the Microprocessor Interfacing course (ICOM-5217). In this laboratory, students enrolled in ICOM-5217 have the opportunity of applying learned concepts in microprocessor interfacing and software design to develop a semester-long class project consisting in the specification, design, and prototyping of an embedded systems application.  This facility was renovated in 2009 using institutional funds.

ICDL supports senior- and graduate-level activities in the design and test of analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems.  The facility was established in 1999 with the sponsorship of Texas Instruments (TI) under the UPRM-TI Collaborative Program.  It provides industry-grade software tools for the design entry and validation of bipolar and MOS technologies. 

» Rapid  Systems  Prototyping  Lab. (RASP)

The RASP Laboratory allows graduate students acquire the necessary training, skills, expertise, and capabilities to conduct academic and industrial research activities in the field of rapid prototyping digital and mixed-signal electronic systems. The facility was established in 2003 with the sponsorhip of Texas Instruments, NSF, Intel, and Xilinx XUP.

The ETC Lab. focuses in the integration of hardware setups and software algorithms to automate the tasks of testing and characterizing electronic devices and circuits. The lab was established in  2009 with the sponsorship of Texas Instruments (TI). Other contributors to ETC include Keithley Instruments and HP.
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