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Office: Chardón 316
Phone: (787) 832-4040, ext. 3076, 3064
Fax: (787) 265-3847

Postal Address:
Department of English, Box 9000
University of Puerto Rico at MayagŁez
MayagŁez, Puerto Rico 00681



  • Ingl. 4017 The Romantic Period
  • Ingl. 4095 The Victorian Period
  • Ingl. 4025 Shakespeare
  • Ingl. 3306 Modern British Literature
  • Ingl. 3312 The British Novel
  • Ingl. 3322:Survey of English Literature from 1798 to the present
  • Ingl. 4030:Research and Writing in Literature (Literature Seminar)
  • Ingl. 6055/6056/6058:Studies in Literature
  • Ingl. 6981/6985/6986:Special Topics in English Studies
  • Ingl. 6076:The Romantic Movement: The Second Generation
  • Ingl. 6448:The Victorian Novel

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Ph.D. 1986, University of Rochester
Doctoral Dissertation
English Romanticism (Keats)
Ph.D. Qualifying Fields
Sixteenth-, Nineteenth-, and Twentieth-Century British Literature
Additional Areas of Interest
Anthrozoological, Narrative, Disability, Postcolonial, Gothic, and Gender Studies

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